August 23rd, 2013


On a Brighter Side

... with scattered clouds. I'm back from Boston and National Poetry Slam, where I got to hang out not only with my fabulous Urban Spoken Word teammates, Brittany Crosby (who got me airline tickets!), Caitlin McGahan, and Tony Fudge, but also a few SFPA and VP folks. Disclaimer: We, and I in particular, did very badly (that is to say, last) in our two official bouts, but we got to do the haiku slam, the masquerade slam (where we introduced the concept of the Group Piece Persona Poem — the personas being Edward Snowden, Aaron Swartz, Julian Assange, and Bradley Manning), the horrible-poetry cover slam, and the loser slam, where Brittany and I rocked. And we got to attend the semifinals and finals with no attendant pressure to keep us from relaxing. I picked up some horrible bug in the airport, so catching up with the backlog from the trip has been particularly onerous.

But, on the sunniest side of all, my chapbook Out of the Black Forest (Centennial Press, 2012), won the SFPA Elgin Award! I can't help feeling that Kelli Hoppmann's gorgeous illustrations for each poem helped a lot.