fibitz (fibitz) wrote,

Glee, etc.

I’ve won the 2012 Rannu Fund for Speculative Literature poetry award for my poem “Guests,” as well as an Honorable Mention for “Fairies vs. Robot Aliens.” Both these poems are currently unpublished—hint, hint, editors.

  • Russian Queen

    The Toast has just published my poem "Meet and Marry a Gorgeous Russian Queen" (the one Rose Lemberg claims I read to harass her at WisCon 2012).

  • Concerns

    This is a reply to this post ( by A.J. Odasso, who has preemptively blocked me from commenting: I am…

  • Divide et Impera

    Below is the reply I sent to the report from the WisCon committee investigating me for the supposed harassment of Rose Lemberg. Minor grammatical…

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